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Women Printmakers of Austin (51 visites)

Women Printmakers of Austin

The Women Printmakers of Austin is an organization dedicated to encouraging women to actively pursue artistic expression through printmaking and to promote community through annual exhibits, regular meetings, and outreach projects.

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Le forum du site. De la recherche de conseils techniques à la vente de matériel d'occasion, en passant par l'annonce de concours et biennales.

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Graphic Chemical Printmaking supplies (38 visites)

Graphic Chemical Printmaking supplies

Graphic Chemical Printmakinf Supplies and Technique Forum.

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phorum - Printmaking (55 visites)

phorum - Printmaking

phorum-printmaking in Nik's Smenoff site. A site for safer and environmentally friendly printmaking processes,
using common materials avalilable in every community

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Forum de discussion : Polymetaal (133 visites)

Forum de discussion : Polymetaal

Ce forum de discussion est consacré à toutes les techniques de l'estampe originale (gravure en relief, gravure en creux, lithographie, sérigraphie, etc.) et à la typographie.

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Print Australia (70 visites)

Print Australia

The Print Australia mailing list exists to support the activities of the Print Australia community and website.

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The [Baren] Forum - Members' Message Board (53 visites)

The [Baren] Forum - Members' Message Board

This message and display board is for the use of members of [Baren] - the Forum for Woodblock Printmaking. Exhibition announcements, new prints, workshops, etc. etc., all these are suitable topics for posting here. You can easily include links to sma

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Printmaking Links : Discussion page (72 visites)

Printmaking Links : Discussion page

If you are a printmaker you should be able to find something that interests you here.....
Our On-Line Discussion Group enables you to post your printmaking-related question to a global community of printmakers.

This site is brought to you by Ch

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MSN Web community :Printmaking Links (58 visites)

MSN Web community :Printmaking Links

A site to give internet printmaking links for artists,teachers and printmakers with discussions and information on monotypes, intaglio, etchings, engravings,screen prints,relief prints, wood blocks linocuts and other forms of printmaking

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