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St. Barnabas Press (46 visites)

St. Barnabas Press

St. Barnabas Press, offers artists' proofing and professional editioning services, studio space for rental by artists working on individual projects in printmaking or related disciplines and media, and open-access printmaking courses for artists.

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Printmaking, digital art and contemporary fine art

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Londonprintstudio (25 visites)


Londonprintstudio is the regional printmaking and computer graphics center. It exists to support artists and people interested in the visual and graphic arts, and to make the arts accessible to everyone.

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Edinburgh Printmakers (64 visites)

Edinburgh Printmakers

Edinburgh Printmakers is an artists' studio and gallery dedicated to contemporary fine-art printmaking. Established in 1967 it was the first open access studio in Britain and is now a thriving organisation which attracts funding from the Scottish Art

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East London Printmakers (67 visites)

East London Printmakers

East London Printmakers is a group of contemporary artist-printmakers. The group was established to provide a non-profit making resource for artists and the public in East London and to promote printmaking as an art form.

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