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elease of April: to be the border

Sometimes it seems that we are the center of the party,
but the center of the festival there is nobody,
the center of the festival there is a vacuum,
but the center of the vacuum there is another party.

Thinking about Lampedusa

Writing links, questions, constructed by those enlightened gaze swings by the winds of dogmatic interpretation cleared fields territories. It foils games usually can cross, thought to release these spaces circulations outside fragmentations, well beyond the games isolationism, narcissistic membership mechanisms.

In these times of rising Renewed always frightened of nationalism worn by sowers of mist - and here I am thinking in Avignon - among heavy eclipses scientists, poetry defies the watchtowers of the border guards.
Writing creates these necessary breaks in daily coaxed and argued by the traps of neuromarketing and other machinations that transform the living plasticity of the mind and the world into a gigantic bazaar supermarket.
Breaks and quantum jumps to unveil graze gaps still present as speech unravels and reveals
between two questions.
Disruptions to remove the certainties of reality always grazed, never retained in the circulation of the imagination.

A topic on the "border crossing as" who wants to open the meeting of cultures, those of islands in the world lyrics archipelagos shores and ports brew and reconciled. A navigation between levels of reality that weave meaning. But also the dialogue between scientific and artistic culture that continue their indefinite singular quest to a new terra incognita
Border / Dating disturbing heavy scheduling marked crowds are carried by escalators and no longer hear the breath of magnetic rollers which roll on the shores of the seas.

Dissemination on the theme of the Border to give view, read, hear these smugglers who roam the canvas frame that other world where margins become vibration of a living silence. In this vacuum unfathomable from which arise the fluctuating particles of matter and meaning.
An exploration of limits, indoor / outdoor, the border that encloses and builds its defenses clan that allows the circulation of meaning, beyond the chapels became citadels. Narcissisms become goods.

Towards each other, the similar-other in the indefinable otherness always renewed and recognized.

Day of release: Friday, April 25

Getting used to the web-association of authors


* Photo "The Messenger" Photo André Villers , Michel Butor text, graphics Sampaio - Gift of the artist.

I bring to your shores / echoes antipodes / I matured in my reflux / response of the border

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